`` E-Learning Award 2019 Forum''
Release of "presentation materials"

November 15, 2019

Learning technology standards that support human resource development in the age of Society 5.0-The latest examples of learning and education data utilization that have finally begun in Japan-

(One company) Mr. Katsuhiko Shirai, Chairman of the IMS Association of Japan, Honorary Advisor of Waseda University

Professor Yuji Tokiwa, Center for Information Media Education and Research, Hosei University

Mr. Takahiro Hata, Senior Fellow, Institute of Digital Knowledge Education Technology Co., Ltd.

Uchida Yoko Co., Ltd.
ICT Research & Development Division Minako Kubo

Net Learning Holdings Co., Ltd.
Mr. Lee, CTO and General Manager of Overseas Business Division, General Manager of Technology and System Development

Associate Professor, Cyber ​​University Mr. Yorito Tanaka

Mr. Shoichi Nagai, Director, Educational Environmental Design Group, Infozain Co., Ltd.

■ Outline of lecture
There is a need for a new learning foundation suitable for Society 5.0 and the 100-year life era. It requires the realization of active learning, personal learning, lifelong learning portfolios, digital badges (electronic diplomas) and micro-credentials from a learner-centric perspective. It is the “ecosystem” that provides this learning infrastructure in a sustainable way, where technical standards that ensure interoperability are essential.


Below are the results of a survey conducted at Slido during the lecture.


Katsuhiko Shirai Chairman, IMS Association of Japan Honorary Advisor, Waseda University

Yuji Tokiwa Chairman, Technical Committee, IMS Association of Japan Professor, Hosei University

Yorito Tanaka Associate Professor, Cyber ​​University

Takahiro Hata Digital Knowledge Executive Officer

Lee Jin-nun Net Learning HD
vice president

Kazumasa Nagai Infozain Director

Minako Kubo Hiroyuki Uchida
IMS Certification Training / Implementation Support Manager