"E-Learning Award 2020 Forum"
Release of "presentation materials"

November 18, 2020


[IMS Japan Truck] Digital transformation pioneered by IMS technical standards

Mr. Yuji Tokiwa, Technical Committee Chairman, Japan IMS Association

Mr. Lee, Vice President of Net Learning Holdings Co., Ltd.

Mr. Tsuneo Yamada, Director / Steering Committee Chairman, Japan IMS Association

Hiroyuki Uchida Learning Content & Product Planning Department Seita Morishita

Makoto Miyazaki, Assistant Professor, Learning Technology Development Office, Teikyo University

Mr. Shigeo Fujiwara, Secretary General of Japan IMS Association

■ Outline of lecture

Learning transformation brought about by system cooperation and data interoperability according to international technical standards

[Characteristics of the lecture]
International technology standards and digital ecosystem Industry-academia collaboration and corporate education Business transformation through digital credentials

[Message to listeners]
Think of new learning through interoperability of networks and data of multiple companies.

With the keywords of learning transformation brought about by the digital learning ecosystem realized by mutual cooperation between systems using IMS technical standards, the latest trends in digital credentials globally, industry-academia collaboration in Japan, and practice of in-house education Here are some examples.

Overview of IMS and introduction of the latest trends (30 minutes): Yuji Tokiwa, Japan IMS Association
The IMS technical standard states that multiple e-learning-related service providers form reciprocal interdependencies.

It provides a framework for building a comprehensive learning support environment.
In this session, we will not only be the standard for working with LMS, but also learning logs and 100 years of life.

Introducing the latest IMS technical standards that are expanding to digital certificates. "

Current status and prospects of the world standard Caliper (20 minutes): Net learning Mr. Lee, Mr. Lee, explaining and prospecting the world standard Caliper specifications, domestic activities and subcommittees on the learning history standard

I will introduce about it.

[CASE Study Group Foundation Memorial] "IMS Technical Standards for Learning Goals and Evaluation Criteria: CASE" (15 minutes)

: Mr. Tsuneo Yamada, IMS Association of Japan
CASE describes curriculum, skill standards, syllabus, etc. in a Machine-readable format.

Is a technical standard for. In addition to describing the purpose, goals, and content of subjects (courses) and programs

It also includes items related to the evaluation criteria (rubrics).

Prospects for using CASE in school education in Japan (10 minutes): Hiroyuki Uchida Seita Morishita Curriculum framework in Japanese school education, including the curriculum guidelines, is provided by CASE.

We will consider the possibilities and issues of the description based on the relationship with the CASE specifications.

[Use in higher education] The role of CASE implementation in outcome-based education design (15 minutes)

: Teikyo University Makoto Miyazaki Visualization of learning outcomes and PDCA cycle curriculum, which are urgent issues in university education

・ What role does the CASE specification play in establishing management, along with examples of system development?

I will introduce you.

Introduction of Japan IMS Association, Q & A (5 minutes): Mr. Shigeo Fujiwara of Japan IMS Association and others

■ Biography of the speaker

Yuji Tokiwa (one company) Japan IMS Association Technical Committee Chairman, IMS Japan Award Selection Committee. Research / development and consulting for IMS technical standards and EdTech. Recently, I am interested in Digital Transformation (DX) in the field of education.

Mr. Lee Jin-Nun IMS Global Certified Training and Implementation Support Manager. (One company) Vice-chairman and technical committee member of the Steering Committee of the Japan IMS Association.
Net Learning Group CTO and General Manager of Overseas Business Headquarters, Technology / System Development General Introduction User corporations 5,232, cumulative number of participants Over 65.28 million learning service provision record

Mr. Tsuneo Yamada
In 1985, dropped out of the doctoral program (psychology) at the Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University. In the same year, he became an assistant at the Faculty of Human Sciences, Osaka University, a professor at the Media Education Development Center in 2001, and a professor at the Open University of Japan and an emeritus professor at the Graduate University for Advanced Studies in 2009. (One company) Director of Japan IMS Association, Chairman of Steering Committee, Chairman of IMS Japan Award Selection Committee.

Seita Morishita
Joined Hiroyuki Uchida in 2005. Engaged in planning and direction of digital contents for education. Since this year, he has been in charge of planning the educational digital content distribution service "EduMall".

Makoto Miyazaki
2017 Graduated from Kumamoto University Graduate School of Social and Cultural Sciences, Department of Systems Science, Doctoral course credits. Joined NTT DoCoMo Kyushu Co., Ltd. in 2005. After that, after working as a researcher at Kumamoto University, an assistant at Hosei University, and a specially appointed assistant professor at Kio University, he became an assistant professor at Teikyo University from 2019. Engaged in research on learner-centered education and learning support systems that utilize e-portfolio and rubrics.

Mr. Shigeo Fujiwara
IMS Global Certified Training and Implementation Support Manager.

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