5th IMS Japan Award

The award ceremony for the "5th IMS Japan Award" was held at the "e-Learning Award 2020" held at Otemachi Sankei Plaza on November 11, 2020. From the applications of more than 20 groups in total, the following groups have been selected as the best, highest award, excellence award, and jury encouragement award!

Grand Prize

Net Learning Co., Ltd.

第5回_IMS digital badge_ol_RGB-01.png

"World's first! LMS" Multiverse "with open badge to improve skill proof and autonomous learning motivation"


Outstanding performance award

High Rable Co., Ltd.

第5回_IMS digital badge_ol_RGB-02.png

"Visualization service for online lessons and training Hylable"


Outstanding performance award

Digital Knowledge Co., Ltd.

第5回_IMS digital badge_ol_RGB-02.png

"Integrated education and training platform through seamless cooperation between on-demand and live distribution"


Jury Encouragement Award

Techtec Co., Ltd.

第5回_IMS digital badge_ol_RGB-04.png

"The e-learning system" PoL "using the blockchain that" the more you learn, the more tokens you get ""


Briefing paper

Organizer greetings

Best Award Winner Lecture Material Net Learning Co., Ltd. Mitsuo Kitagawa

The award ceremony is open to the public on Youtube.

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