Technical data (open to the public)

Hosei University Information Media Education and Research Center

Presentation materials for "NEW EDUCATION EXPO 2020 ONLINE"

Presentation materials for the "e-Learning Award Forum"

Presentation materials of "IMS Japan Conference"

LTI Advantage technical documentation

  • LTI v1.3 and LTI Advantage (translation)

  • LTI Advantage Currently the most advanced learning innovation. (translation)

  • LTI Advantage FAQ (Translation)

  • Recommended LTI adoption roadmap and FAQ (translation)

  • LTI ADVANTAGE-A Path to Reliable Student Privacy and Data Security (Translation)

  • LTI Advantage certification (translation)

  • Overview of LTI Name and Role Provisioning Services (Translation)

  • Overview of LTI Deep Linking (Translation)

  • LTI Resource Search (Translation)

  • Proctering service (translation)

  • IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces LTI Advantage (Translation)

  • Proposal of LTI Advantage requirements in educational institution RFP and procurement contracts (translation)

  • Why should platforms and tools adopt LTI 1.3? (translation)

OneRoster technical documentation

  • OneRoster / Learning Information Service / Edu-API (Translation)

  • Overview of OneRoster 1.1 (translation)

  • OneRoster 1.1 Real World Scenario (Translation)

  • IMS OneRoster®: CSV Table IMS Final Release Version 1.1 (Translation)

  • IMS OneRoster®: Best Practices and Implementation Guide IMS Final Release Version 1.1 (Translation)

  • IMS OneRoster®: Conformity and Certification IMS Final Release Version 1.1 (Translation)

  • FAQ about OneRoster implementation (translation)

  • OneRoster CSV table v1.0 final version (translation)

  • EDU-API (translation)

Digital Badges technical documentation

  • Open Badges 2.0 (OBv2) (translation)

  • IMS Global Open Badges 2.0 Validator (Translation)

  • Open Badges 2.0 Implementation Guide (Translation)

  • Open Badges 2.0 Compliance and Certification Guide (Translation)

  • Open Badges Baking Specifications (Translation)

  • IMS Global Open Badges 2.0 Certified Suite (Translation)

  • Badge Integration Task Force (Translation)